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I am Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Boston University, and the Associate Director of the Center for Philosophy and History of Science. I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 2003, and for the next two years was a postdoctoral fellow at the Dibner Institute for History of Science and Technology at M.I.T.

My research focuses on the applicability and limitations of concepts in various scientific theories. The historical aspect of my work investigates the role of complementarity and classical concepts in the development of quantum field theory. My interests in philosophy of physics include the relationship between classical and quantum field theories, conceptual difficulties facing the application of quantum theory to gravity, and the relationship between thermodynamics and black holes.

In addition to history and philosophy of physics, I am also actively working on the issue of scientific reduction--both generally, and as a solution to the mind-body problem--and on the metaphysics of causation.



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