Patricio Sanhueza

I am a graduate student in the Astronomy Department at Boston University. I am interested in how high-mass stars are formed. My research is mostly focused on the initial stages of high-mass star formation in Infrared Dark Clouds (IRDCs). To carry out my research, I have used observations from a large variety of radio observatories: from single-dish telescopes (APEX, ASTE, Mopra, IRAM, GBT) to interferometers (SMA, CARMA, JVLA, ATCA).

I have been working with my Ph.D advisor, Prof. James M. Jackson, for 5 years in the chemistry, filamentary structure, and fragmentation of IRDCs. Before coming to Boston University, I got my Master Degree in Astronomy at Universidad de Chile working in molecular outflows in IRDCs. My thesis advisors were Prof. Guido Garay and Prof. Leonardo Bronfman.

Contact Information:
Department of Astronomy, Boston University
725 Commonwealth Avenue, Office 419
, Boston, MA 02215
Email: patricio@bu.edu
Phone: 617-353-2219