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Self-Portrait and Famous Person








Self Portrait


The objective is to create a nice portrait of yourself that expresses something about you.  The photograph must be taken INDOORS and WITHOUT FLASH.


       Give information about yourself.  An environmental portrait is okay but not required.  Be expressive.

       Self-timer and tripod suggested, though a long cable release will also work.

       With a tripod a slow shutter speeds will work.

       May use a mirror.

       Be careful with your focus.  You may be shooting with a wide f-stop so your depth of field will be rather small.  It is helpful to have someone stand in for you, or set up a prop to focus on where your face will be.

       Try several types of shots.

       Pay attention to lighting and compositionbe careful of sharp lines in the background.


Famous Person


In this assignment you must shoot a portrait of someone who has had media attention but is not affiliated with BU.  Examples are writers, politicians, professional athletes, musicians, etc.  A story must have been published on this person.


       Compose a nice portraittry to control the background.

       Get the subject to look at the camera.

       Research access issues if you are photographing at an event.  In some situations you need permission to photograph, so plan ahead.

       Proper use of flash allowed. 




Turn in four images.  Two self-portraits shot indoors and without flash, and two portraits of a famous person.