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Dr. Qibin Su Ph. D 2005

Dr. Alexander Arefolov Ph. D 2005

Dr. Neil Langille Ph. D 2005 langille@MIT.EDU

Dr. Cassandra A. Celatka Ph. D. 2004

Dr. Kendra Carter Ph. D. 2004

Dr. Les Dakin Ph. D 2004

Dr. Hongbing Huang Ph. D 2004

Dr. Jennifer V. Schaus Ph. D 2004

Dr. Ping Liu Ph. D. 2001

Dr. Bin Zhu Ph. D 2001 BZhu@PRDUS.JNJ.COM

Dr. Craig E. Masse Ph. D. 2000

Dr. Tao Hu Ph. D 2000

Dr. Nareshkumar F. Jain Ph. D 1997

Dr. Richard Beresis Ph.D 1997

Dr. Feng Xu Ph. D 1996

Dr. Michael G. Yang Ph. D. 1995

Dr. Pier F. Cirillo Ph. D. 1995

Dr. Michelle A. Sparks Ph. D 1992

Post Doctorial Alumni

Dr. Gary Bohnert

Dr. Gwilherm Evano

Dr. Ana E. Gabarda