Boston University Chess Club:  Chess Photo Gallery

NM Woody McClelland simul
at the BUCC, November 17, 1999

BUCC President Jennie Frenklakh introduces LM Shearwood McClelland III, President of the Harvard Chess Club.

Details of his chess accomplishments are available on his website:

Dana Monnier, a BUCC regular, from the Devotion school in Brookline.

Former BUCC President Keith Stefanek.

Kurti Monnier held out the longest in a rook and pawn endgame.

BUCC advisor Robert Oresick sets up the notorious Barry Attack,
but neglects to prevent the Woody Counter-Attack on the queenside and is mated.

Mike Stanley, president of the Medford Chess Club,
plays the president of the Harvard Chess Club.
Have we got presidents here, or what?

BUCC regular Spyros Vassilaras

BUCC regular Matt Bruce, BU LAW '99, is also an alum of Harvard and the Harvard Chess Club.

Chocolate chess pieces were served for extra energy.

Vikram Sathyedra, a 1st year BUCC member.

Yi-Cheng Lin, BUCC secretary.

9 -- 0

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Boston University Chess Club:  Chess Photo Gallery