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Jennie Frenklakh simul at the BUCC, October 1999

Mike and Vikram play skittles.                           Then Allan Ong introduces Jennie

David Silldorf

Dana Monnier

David, Mike, Vikram, and Jack

Allan earned a draw, while David and Jack start to struggle.      Jack watches as Spyros and Keith go into endgames.


It comes down to Spyros and Keith.

Keith is enjoying the battle, but Jennie is a pawn up and her king breaks through.

Spyros plays accurately and wins a game of chess.

Against 8 players, Jennie wins 6, draws 1, and loses 1.

An enjoyable and exhausting evening for all of us,
but Jennie still has the energy and drive to return home to continue her simul with the textbooks.

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Boston University Chess Club:  Chess Photo Gallery