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Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

Adrian Keatinge-Clay

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On November 17, 2000 Adrian played 15 chess players ranging from national master to novice simultaneously, losing only one game.

-Graduated from Stanford University with dual degrees in Chemistry and Biology -Currently a graduate student at the University of California, San Francisco, PhD. program in Biophysics

Chess Accomplishments -National Master at age 16 -FIDE master (current rating of 2336) -One norm towards the International Master title (Harkany, Hungary) -Competed in numerous international tournaments in Canada, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland -Pressman All-Star Chess Team (3 years) -2nd place in 1995 National High School Championships -2nd place in 1995 Denker Tournament of High School Champions -Northern California High School Champion ('92, '95) Stanford Chess Club President (3 years) -founded & ran the Stanford Sectionals for 3 years -led team to victory over UMBC in a 6-board match -led team to 3rd place in the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championships