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6th Annual

BU Open, 2000


Ariel Martinez plays Dana Monnier. Dana is the most dedicated player at the BU chess club, even though she is from the Devotion school in Brookline. No one enjoys chess more than Ariel, though he does need to work on his Chronos clock technique.


Melvin Zhang, Joe Perl, FM Ronald Young of New York, and IM Bill Paschall. Analysis by a contingent from the Boylston Chess Club, Paul Mishin, Bryan Clark, and Charlie Mays.  
Bob Given faces Dimitry Frenklach. Bob works at BU and has played in every BU Open. Dimitry is Jennie's cousin.    

Bob Fuhro of the BU and Boyston clubs plays against youths -- in this case, A.J. Rice and Melvin Zhang. A.J. is tied for 10th place nationally among 9-10 year olds. Melvin in ranked number 3 in the United States among 11-12 year olds with a rating of 2000.


Once again the tournament was ably TD'd by Allan Ong.

Despite dim lighting during the first round and a delayed last round due to a computer glitch and a malfunctioning assistant TD (yours truly), most players seemed to enjoy the tournament. The ambience of the BU student union, including a food court, was comfortable. Turnout (79) was somewhat down this year from 96 and 93 in the past two years, which seems to be part of a trend in New England tournaments. Even so, it was a fine, full day of chess. Crosstable will be posted at the BUCC website

BU Open, 2000
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