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5th Annual

BU Open, 1999

NM and BUCC president Jennie Frenklakh opens the tourney with a few remarks.

Roman Brusonvakin, BUCC treasurer, Jennie, and Fabrizio Patuzzo.
The "fox", a mobile unit of the BUCC (on inline skates) and our board 1 at the amateur team east, is graduating this winter from BU.

FM Bill Kelleher won the tournament with 4 points.  Bill is a double master, having earned his masters in history from BU.  Bill didn't change his shirt during the tournament.  I just lost the disc with more pictures of him and substituted on from the New England Open.

  Three ways of looking at a chess board.

Allan Ong, the TD of all but the 1st BU Open, organized the series.

Eric Eng and Ben Bowles of Northeastern University.  Bernardo Iglesias, member of the BUCC and BU met league teams, a veteran TD and past president of the Boylston Chess Club.

Game 60 resolves to blitz.                                   Chris Desmarais concentrates.

Roman faces Harold Dondis, chess journalist (Boston Globe) and benefactor.  Then Roman plays Prof. Sage of Northeastern, first winner of the BU Open.

Trophies go the top teams and the winner's name is inscribed on the perpetual plaque.

BU Open, 1999

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