BU Chess Club, US Team East 2006 Parsippany, NJ

Here are the results from the trip. I think everyone had a pretty good time, only Roza has an exam today and Travis seemed to catch a nasty cold at the end.

We eneded up with 3.5 points after I faltered in the last round. Max Upset Im Jay Bonin and Roza drew strong master, but I overstepped my position in a strong attack.

The team played great overall, and I think Max and his parents had a really good time as well.

Regards, Roman

The first photo is Max drawing with A. Volovich, 2470, of Holmdel Chess in Round 4. max had one second left on his clock when he made time control. After he got up to take a walk, Volovich looked over at us, shaking his head with a smile and holding up one finger!

(Photos and report by Roman Brusovankin.)

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