Not everyone is so enamored. . . .

". . . will most likely draw comparisons to The Doors. . . ." --Jack Alberson, FAC193

"Frustratingly unstable Boston space rock band. . . ." --Benjamin Boles, NOW (Toronto)

". . . it's easy to get a feel for the Cul de Sac 'sound' but not easy to remember a single song after the CD ends." --Weekly Dig (Boston)

". . . subdued and meandering. . . . We seem to recall them as being considerably more composed and dynamic . . . left me wondering 'is this blissfully meditative or just plain boring?' . . . certainly not our all-time favorite Cul de Sac release." --Aquarius Records

"Oh, Glenn. You don't need critics, you love your band enough to completely bypass any possible comment anyone else could make. This band seems to use guitar delay as the end-all and be all of their alleged 'psychedelic' sound structure, which stripped away from all of the special effects seems to just be modal guitar wank . . . shows an inexplicable fascination for music from other cultures (either something as broad as 'indigenous' music or something as specific as Krautrock), never really establishing what their culture is, aside from a few surf guitar licks here and there . . . much repeated formula. It's just sad to see a band repeating themselves for almost a decade now, with no sense of growth, no new clarity on exactly what it is they're doing, and unfortunately, not evening maintaining a sense of vitality and excitement towards their work." --Josephine Morehead, INK19

". . . 73 minutes of hearing the exact same style of music with little variation makes it not worth it to me. May I suggest Stereolab's Dots and Loops. Stereolab proves that you can be post-rock and still have melodious and memorable music." --A music fan from "The Valley," California,

". . . the weirdest release in their catalogue. . . . I can't say I'm overexcited about this new direction. It's an interesting experiment, certainly an anomaly in their discography, and perhaps after eating six buckets of vanilla ice cream I'd be willing to give chocolate a try, but that doesn't mean I have to like it." --Jeff Penczak,