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Cul de Sac sometimes accompanies its live performances with films by bassist Chris Fujiwara and A.S. Hamrah. It is time to turn our attention to these artifacts of the end of the Century of Cinema.

Sometimes acknowledged as the masterpiece of the series, Cave was eventually withdrawn from live shows when it proved to be so intense that it completely overshadowed the band.

Cave is Fujiwara-Hamrah's tribute to the visionary filmmaking of Larry Buchanan and Raoul Ruiz. It is also an impassioned neofeminist statement, a rejection of violence, a plea for tolerance.

Since its withdrawal from distribution, Cave has become a lost film. It cannot be seen now; perhaps it will never be seen again. Or perhaps the filmmakers are counting on its legend to grow, thus increasing demand for the film and secretly planning its revival, like Hitchcock did with The Trouble with Harry. In the meantime, we have these frame blow-ups to keep alive the memories of those who caught the film on its initial run and to tantalize those who missed it.

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