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Lab & Facilities

Environmental Chamber

The dimensions of our environmental chamber are 200 cm in height, 170 cm in width and 80 cm in thickness. Both relative humidity and ambient temperature can be accurately controlled in this chamber. The relative humidity range is 20-93 % with the accuracy of 0.5% and the temperature range is 5-45 centigrade degree with the resolution of 0.2 centigrade degrees.

Acoustic System

Our PCI-8 acoustic emission system is a 8-channel, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) AE data acquisition system, based on a single, full-size, PCI card. It was manufactured by Physical Acoustic Corporation, NJ, USA. We use AEwinPCI2-8 Software for all the data acquisition, graphing and AE analysis.

Salinity Sensors

Our salinity sensor (ICT International Inc., Australia) consist of a pair of platinum electrodes embedded in a fine-textured (15 bar) ceramic plate (1.5 mm thickness and 6 mm diameter) with the salinity range of 0-25.6 gram/liter with the accuracy of 0.3 gram/liter. Using these sensors, we can determine salt concentration exactly at the position where the sensor is installed (and not an averaged value over a certain volume).

Vibratory Sieve Shaker

The sieve shaker (AS 200, Retsch) is used in our laboratory to prepare the model porous media with a desired particle size distribution for our measurements.

Mettler Toledo

We use the following precision balances from Mettler Toledo:
  • MS32001L capacity 32 kg with the accuracy of 0.1 g
  • MS4002S capacity 4.2 kg with the accuracy of 0.01 g

General Sensors and Acquisition System
  • Campbell Scientific Datalogger and Multiplexer
  • 5TM Water Temperature (Decagon Devices, Inc.)
  • EC-5 Soil Moisture Sensor (Decagon Devices, Inc.)
  • HygroClip HC2-S (Rotronic)
  • Column Tensiometer with the corresponding transducer (Soilmoisture equipment corp.)
  • Flow Cell Tensiometer with the corresponding transducer (Soil Measurement Systems)