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Shown in this Figure 2 from Schwadron et al., Science, 326 (5955), 966, DOI: 10.1126/science.1180986, 2009: (A) The observed IBEX ENA map at 1.1 keV superimposed with contours of the B-dot-r angle ( from 82 deg-99 deg, black contour at 90 deg) between the simulated B and the LOS, r, averaged over a 10 AU region just outside the heliopause (taken where the modeled plasma temperature <80,000 K). (B) The overall correlation between ENA fluxes (-180 deg-0 deg ecliptic longitude) and the B-dot-r angle. (C) Global configuration of field lines draped over the heliopause, and the surface where B-dot-r = 0. The black contour in A corresponds to the red 3-D surface outside the heliopause in C where the LISM field is most stressed by draping about the heliopause and B-dot-r = 0. The assumed BLISM direction (ecliptic longitude = -120 deg, latitude = 31 deg) is consistent with indirect observational inferences.

This figure shows the "Outer Source" of Anomalous Cosmic Rays generated from dust in the Solar System's Kuiper Belt (see, Schwadron et al., The Outer Source of Pickup Ions and Anomalous Cosmic Rays, Geophysical Research Letters, 2003.)

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