Registration Form: IUFRO Canopy Processes 2006 Workshop, Northeastern USA


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            Nathan Phillips, IUFRO 2006 Workshop Coordinator

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Abstract categories:

Abstracts should contain a 1) short statement of the research problem and its background and relevance, 2) the research objective, 3) a brief description of methods, 4) significant results, and 5) a conclusion.  Abstracts should be submitted in plain text and should be no longer than 400 words.  Email abstracts in word or pdf format to Please select one of the following categories for your submission:


  • Processes underlying regional forest responses to environmental change I: environmental change and carbon, water, and nutrient cycling. (Processes I)
  • Processes underlying regional forest responses to environmental change II: land use change, forest age/size mosaics, biodiversity and biotic invasions. (Processes II)
  • Geography of Regional Forest Responses to Environmental change: unique attributes of environments, environmental change, and forest structure and function in differing world regions. (Regional Geography)
  • Phenological changes in forests, their mechanistic basis, and impact on forest function (Phenology)
  • Tools to measure, differentiate, and integrate canopy processes (e.g., remote sensing, isotopes, gas exchange, sap flow, ecohydrologic monitoring, sensor networks, canopy access) (Tools I)
  • Tools to assimilate, model and scale canopy processes data from leaf to region (Tools II)