Payment Form and Information

IUFRO Canopy Processes Workshop, October 6-13, 2006


1.  Review your payment option here:   





New England Center, Durham, New Hampshire

Shared double at New England Center

Single at New England Center

Single at New England Center (

Harvard Forest, Massachusetts

Shared double or triple, on-site

Shared double, on-site

Single at the Inn at Clamber Hill ( or Winterwood Inn (

Black Rock Forest, NY

Multiple occupant dorm

Multiple occupant dorm

Single at Holiday Inn Express (






$1475  ($1375)1

$1595  ($1495)1

$1895 ($1795)1

1Fees if payment is received by June 30, 2006.

2.  Payment may be made through credit card, personal or institutional check, or money order.   International wire transfers are discouraged, but if necessary, may be arranged (contact for information on wire transfers).  A receipt will be sent after payment is received.

Credit Card:  Please either phone in your credit card number to Nathan Phillips at 1-617-353-2841 or fill out and fax this form to a secure Boston University fax machine at 1-617-353-6444.  (Note for international participants: the “1” listed above is the country code for the United States; immediately before this “1” you must dial your country’s exit code.  For most European countries, China and Brazil, the exit code is “00”).  DO NOT EMAIL THIS FORM OR YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.


Check or Money Order:  Make checks/money orders out to Boston University, in US dollars, and write “IUFRO-2006” in the comment line.  Include your name and mailing address on the check.  Mail checks to:


            Boston University, Department of Geography and Environment

            675 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02215 USA

            Attention: Michael Holmes, IUFRO 2006


Refund policy: A participant may transfer reservations to another participant at any time with no penalty.  Cancellations received by June 30, 2006 will receive their payment, less $100 processing costs.  Cancellations between June 30, 2006 and July 31, 2006 will receive their payment, less $300.  Cancellations after August 1, 2006 will receive no refund.