Working Papers

Under Review

  1. ‘‘When and How to Diversify—A Multi-Category Utility Model of Consumer Response to Content Recommendations’’, Y. Song, N. Sahoo, E. Ofek; Under second round review at Management Science

  2. ‘‘Opening the ‘Black Box’ of Purchase Process Models: Uncovering Characteristic Paths to Purchase of Consumer Populations’’, Y. Song, N. Sahoo, S. Srinivasan, C. Dellarocas; Under review

  3. ‘‘Reducing Product Expiration by Aligning Salesforce Incentives’’, A. Akkas, N. Sahoo; Under review at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management


  1. ‘‘How Much Is the Value of Genomic Test Information? Evidence from Post-cardiac-stent Care Decisions’’, K. Cameron, N. Sahoo, N. Joglekar, J. Jain

  2. ‘‘Matching Donors to Projects on Philanthropic Crowdfunding Platforms’’, Y. Song, Z. Li, N. Sahoo

* Draft available upon request.