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I am a PhD student at Boston University studying Astronomy. My research focuses on characterizing low-mass stars and the exoplanets that orbit them. In particular, I study the chemical compositions and ages of M dwarf stars and how they relate to the types of planets we find around them. I am also interested in instrumentation, the design and development of scientific instruments used for astronomical observations.



I work with Professor Philip Muirhead as part of The Low-mass Star Group at Boston University. Below are a few of my research interests.


the NIR Echelle for Wideband Spectroscopy

We have developed an optical and mechanical design for NEWS (formerly known as HiJaK), a high-resolution NIR spectrograph for the Discovery Channel Telescope. Check out our latest SPIE Proceedings for an overview of the optical design and science drivers.

Planetary Nebulae in M31

As an undergraduate at the University of Washington I studied planetary nebulae (PNe) in M31 with data from the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT). A catalog of HST observations of M31 PNe in the PHAT footprint is available in our ApJ paper.
Image Credit and Copyright: Lorenzo Comolli


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Selected Publications

Veyette, M. J. & Muirhead, P. S. (2018). Chemo-kinematic ages of eccentric-planet-hosting M dwarf stars. ApJ, 863, 166

Veyette, M. J., et al. (2017). A physically motivated and empirically calibrated method to measure effective temperature, metallicity, and Ti abundance of M dwarfs. ApJ, 851, 26

Kesseli, A. Y., et al. (2017). An Empirical Template Library of Stellar Spectra for a Wide Range of Spectral Classes, Luminosity Classes, and Metallicities Using SDSS BOSS Spectra. ApJS, 230, 16

Veyette, M. J., et al. (2016). NEWS: the near-infrared Echelle for wideband spectroscopy. Proceedings of the SPIE, 9908, 99086M

Veyette, M. J., Muirhead, P., Mann, A., Allard, F. (2016). The physical mechanism behind M dwarf metallicity indicators and the role of C and O abundances. ApJ, 828, 95

Dalba, P. et al. (2015). The Transit Transmission Spectrum of a Cold Gas Giant Planet. ApJ, 814, 154

Girardi, L. et al. (2015). TP-AGB stars in M31: Results from PHAT. ASP Conference Series, 497, 413

Veyette, M. J., Dalcanton, J. J., Williams, B. F., et al. (2014). Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury IX: A Photometric Survey of Planetary Nebulae in M31. ApJ, 792, 121

Muirhead, P. S., Hall, Z. J., & Veyette, M. J. (2014). HiJaK: the High-resolution J, H and K spectrometer. Proceedings of the SPIE, 9147, 91477T


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