MSA Officers

Raphael Fennimore, CAS 2009

Raphael is a senior undergraduate Marine Science major here at Boston University and currently in his second BUMP semester. Raised in a small Maine coastal town, Raphael has been on boats ever since he could stand and is a US Sailing certified small boat sailing instructor. This past summer Raphael was an intern at the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, where he participated in their 2008 Humpback Whale Tagging Cruise and many other projects including internal wave monitoring and ship identification/tracking in the Gulf of Maine. Raphael also recently completed a UROP project on Sand Lance ecology through the Kaufman lab. Here at BU, Raphael is the President of the Scientific SCUBA Divers of BU (, a CAS Dean’s Host, a university President’s Host, and a member of the Dean’s Council of Student Leaders. Raphael has also been a BU Student Admissions Representative, a Freshman Resource Advisor and a member of the BU Indoor and Outdoor Track teams.

Vice President Lizzie McNamee, CAS 2010
Lizzie is a junior majoring in Marine Sciences, minoring in Biology, and on the Pre-Vet
track. Lizzie is in the middle of her first BUMP semester and is wicked excited for the
trip to Belize in December! She interned this summer at the New England Aquarium as an
aquarist in the Temperate Gallery.  Though the ocean is Lizzie's true love, she must
resort to lifeguarding at a pool for an income. In her lack of spare time, she is a
member of colorguard for the BU Marching Band (not everything has to do with the water),
and continues to volunteer in the galleries at the New England Aquarium (oh wait, yes it
Secretary Erin McDougal , CAS 2009
Erin is a senior undergraduate majoring in biology with a specialization in marine science. She has successfully completed the BUMP Marine Semester, coming away with only a mild sunburn and few bug bites, and is looking forward to repeating the experience this fall in the Caribbean. Erin is a member of the Jelle Atema lobster lab and is currently conducting her Senior Independent Work for Distinction project. Her research examines female lobster mating preferences for healthy versus shell-diseased males. She is the person to ask if you have any pressing questions regarding American lobster biology...or taste!
Treasurer William DeCarvalho, CAS 2009
William is a senior majoring in the new Marine Sciences major with plans to minor in Biology, Earth Science as well as Environmental Science in order to make use of all the extra classes he has taken (so if you're wondering how to balance out your classes and such feel free to get in touch).  This year he shall partake in his second BUMP semester and hopefully gain a bit more focus in his career ambitions while applying for graduate programs as well as feed his desire of traveling the world.  He has volunteered in BUMP labs and worked as an REU Undergraduate Research Assistant off campus as well as taught elementary school kids about marine biology and ecology but this year he will face his hardest challenges yet: the dreaded GREs and "real" life.