Internships/Volunteer Opportunities

During the Year

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

At BU, undergraduates have many opportunities to assist with or conduct their own research projects. If you know what you are interested in studying, the next step is to find a faculty member to act as your advisor. Students can apply for Faculty Matching Grants to receive a stipend and/or FROG grants to fund supplies for their research project. You can visit the the UROP Website for more information and a full listing of opportunities. Several marine science research opportunities are listed below:

  1. The Stellwagen Bank Research Project is looking for a few dedicated volunteers. The Kaufman lab has been conducting research in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary since 2004. Currently we are analyzing the impacts of a partial fishing closure on groundfish communities via food web analyses. Volunteer duties include preparing fish and invertebrate tissue samples for stable isotope analysis, analyzing fish stomach contents, and organization of frozen samples. Time commitment is flexible. There may be opportunities to assist with acoustic telemetry field work and to do research for credit. If interested, please contact Briana Brown via e-mail:

  2. The Lobel Lab focuses mainly on the behavior and bioacoustics of fish. We will be making acoustic recordings of fish sounds and observing the behaviors that accompany them to learn more about their communication. There will be many interesting projects developing in the future that students may get involved with to learn skills including the analysis of fish sounds using sophisticated computer programs, otolith study of larval fish, microscopy, dissection and possibly molecular techniques. These projects can be done either as a volunteer, for research credit, or with the UROP program. Currently, we have opportunities for students to work hands-on in tank setup, tank maintenance, and fish husbandry. We invite any interested students who would like to be involved with the lab to email Dr. Phil Lobel at, or Katie Kovitvongsa at Thank you for your interest!


The New England Aquarium

Interested in taking care of penguins, marine invertabrates, or tropical fish? The New England Aquarium is always searching for people to volunteer their time. Explore their volunteer website.

Summer Opportunities

Research Experience for Undergraduates

The National Science Foundation has a list of Summer REU opportunities that students can apply to. These research experiences are not only for biology majors, but also for people interested in chemistry, mathematics, education, economics, and other categories. Usually these programs are held at academic institutes and offer students housing and/or a stipend.

The Student Conservation Association

The SCA is a nonprofit organization that allows students 18 or older to search for conservation internships with the National Park, Forest, or Fish and Wildlife Service. These internships are a great way to learn new skills, interact with animals, and begin networking. The postions are not paid, but do provide a generous education award along with free housing, travel costs, and a food stipend. To browse through available internships, go to the SCA website.

Alaska Conservation Foundation

The Alaska Conservation Foundation offers paid 12-week summer internships to college students in various areas of study, but target those who plan on a career path in conservation. Most students end up working for a nonprofit conservation groups, dedicated to the environmental stewardship of Alaska's pristine nature and wildlife. ACF supports students with a generous stipend and the cost of travel.