Our Heroes Nowadays

Listening and Discussion

Today we are going to talk about heroes and then read about a hero as well. To begin we will first listen to a famous song by Bette Midler, a well-known American musician who wrote the song “Wind Beneath My Wings”.  In order to listen to this, you will first need to download a plug-in to watch this video.  You will need to download and install one of the following:  

  • Real Player--http://www.real.com/ 
  • Quick Time--


  • Flash Player--


You should watch the video at least two times.

  • The first listening is simply for enjoyment. 
  • The second listening is in the form of a game.  Work quickly.  Fill in as many blanks as you can with the exact word that you hear in the song.  See the link below to access the lyrics game.

To be able to fill in and listen at the same time, you will need to open the song lyrics link in a new browser window.  Double click on the lyrics link, and then click once on the "play this game" button. 


Performed in New York City in 2001

Song Lyrics Game

you have listened to this song twice, take a few minutes to try to understand what it means. 

Try to figure out what, in your opinion, Bette Midler's
message might be.  Consider the following: 

After you have thought about this, write down a few lines to summarize what you think.  Then, you will discuss your answers with a partner.

Click here to listen
Finally, you are going to listen to a narrative about my hero.  While listening, pay attention to the following: