I finished my Master's degree at BU in Electrical Engineering in 2008 focused on the development of textured bulk A-plane GaN templates by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy. I am now persuing my Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering based on further developing the HVPE method for III-Nitrides.  As a member of the Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Laboratory since undergrad, I have had a wide exposure to all aspects of the III-Nitride materials ranging from expitaxy to device fabrication.

Research Highlights

  • GaN HVPE

    A hot-walled HVPE reactor has been developed for the production of both polar, C-plane and non-polar, A-plane GaN bulk films on sapphire substrates.
  • AlN HVPE

    A cold-wall HVPE has been developed for the growth of high-temperature AlN bulk films.
  • InGaN MQWs by MBE

    InGaN multiple quantum well structures are being developed for plasmonic enhancement studies to address the "green gap" in visible LEDs


I am a member of the following professional societies:


  • MSE Division Student Host
  • Optoelectronic Processing Facility Research Fellow