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Polyester based dendrimers based on biocompatible building blocks are synthesized ...

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Our group has developed a high-molecular-weight, hyaluronidase-resistant polysaccharide mimic to prevent osteoarthritic joint damage...

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Cationic CT Contrast Agents for Cartilage Imaging

The synthesis and evaluation of a new class of cationic iodinated contrast agents for the CT imaging of cartilage are described...

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Expansile Nanoparticles

Polymeric nanoparticles that swell and release their contents as a result of a hydrophobic to hydrophilic transition at pH 5 are found to be efficaceous in vitro and in vivo...

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Synthetic carbohydrate polymers are of interest both as novel bioinspired structures and as new materials for biomedical applications.

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Polyglycerol Carbonates

Polyglycerol carbonates are of interest both as novel biocompatible and rapidly degradable polymers for biomedical applications.

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Polymeric Films for Prevention of Recurrent Lung Cancer

Poly(glycerol monostearate-co-ε-caprolactone) films have been designed to provide prolonged, low dose release of paclitaxel at the site of tumor resection to prevent local tumor recurrence following surgery in vivo...

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Superhydrophobic Meshes

Electrospinning is used to create a non-woven mesh from the PGC-C18 polymer developed for the film project. These meshes are superhydrophobic, enabling useful control of drug delivery properties.

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Supramolecular Ionic Networks

New supramolecular assemblies are created using multi-cationic and multi-anionic molecules...

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