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Polymeric Films for Prevention of Recurrent Lung Cancer

Poly(glycerol monostearate-co-ε-caprolactone) films have been designed to provide prolonged, low dose release of paclitaxel at the site of tumor resection to prevent local tumor recurrence following surgery in vivo.

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Biolubricants for Osteoarthritis Treatment

To reduce osteoarthritic joint damage, our group has developed a high-molecular-weight, hyaluronidase-resistant polysaccharide mimic. Its performance is similar to that of synovial fluid and superior to those of saline and Synvisc in an ex vivo human cartilage plug-on-plug model

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Cationic CT Contrast Agents for Cartilage Imaging

The synthesis and evaluation of new cationic iodinated contrast agents for CT imaging of cartilage are described which give higher x-ray attenuation values and specific imaging of the cartilage tissue.

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Expansile Nanoparticles

Polymeric nanoparticles that swell and release their contents as a result of a hydrophobic to hydrophilic transition at pH 5 are found to be efficaceous in vitro and in vivo.

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Superhydrophobic Meshes for Cancer Treatment

Polymeric, superhydrophobic meshes strongly resist wetting, but do eventually wet in vivo. We use this controllable rate of wetting to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs over long periods.

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Supramolecular Ionic Networks

New supramolecular assemblies are created using multi-cationic and multi-anionic molecules and this noncovalent synthetic strategy complements those approaches using hydrogen and metal-ligand bonding.

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Polyester based dendrimers based on biocompatible building blocks are synthesized and these polymers are of interest for ...

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Prevention of Local Tumor Recurrence Following Surgery Using Low-Dose Chemotherapeutic Polymer Films

The in vivo efficacy of a polymer film, designed for prolonged paclitaxel release at surgical margins, was demonstrated ...Read More

The cationic contrast agent article in C&E news

New CT contrast agents, developed by Boston University researchers, highlight cartilage ... Read More

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The Grinstaff Group pursues highly interdisciplinary research in the areas of biomedical engineering and macromolecular chemistry. The major goal in these research projects is to elucidate the underlying fundamental chemistry and engineering principles and to use that insight to direct our creative and scientific efforts.

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