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AR100 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
Illustrated lectures focus on the important discoveries of the discipline of archaeology. Course covers the whole of human prehistory around the world. Archaeological methods are described, along with the great ancient sites: Olduvai, Lascaux, Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu. (Course fulfills humanities distribution requirement.) (4.0/Lecture)

AR101 Introduction to Archaeology
Theory, methods and aims of prehistoric and historical archaeology in the Old and New Worlds. Excavation and recovery of archaeological data; dating techniques; interpretation of finds; relation of archaeology to history and other disciplines. Examination of several Old and New World cultures. (Course fulfills social sciences distribution requirement.) (4.0/Lecture)

AR208 Lost Languages and Decipherments
An overview of the archaeology of writing focusing on modern decipherments of ancient texts. Related topics include characteristics of the world's major language families, the nature of linguistic change, and the origin and history of the alphabet. (Course fulfills department topical requirements.) (4.0/Lecture)

AR209 The Near East Bronze Age
Examines the wealth and power of the ancient Near East and Egypt during the Bronze Age. Topics include the establishment of power, long distance exchange and interaction, ethnicity, architecture, and environmental and ecological factors affecting the civilizations. (Course fulfills department area requirements.) (4.0/Lecture)

AR341 Archaeology of Mesopotamia
An overview of the core area of the ancient Near East from the introduction of agriculture to the Hellenistic era. Emphasis will be on the genesis of urban society and its transformation under the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Persians. (Course fulfills department area requirement.) (4.0/Lecture)

AR342 Syro-Palestinian Archaeology
A survey of the archaeology of ancient Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, from the Stone Age to the late Roman Empire, with emphasis on the material remains of the second and first millennium BC. (Course fulfills department area requirement.) (4.0/Lecture)

AR503 Archaeological Field Methods: Survey and Excavation
Archaeological field school with intensive study of archaeological techniques and procedures. Direct involvement in field excavation, assisting in data recording, and in the description and inventory of artifacts and specimens. Field, lab and/or lecture involvement; requires six to seven hours a day, five days a week. Various locations around the world. (Course fulfills department field school requirement.)

AR532 Studies in Near and Middle Eastern Archaeology
Topics Vary. Recent offerings have included: Trade in the Near East, Near Eastern Cities of the Bronze and Iron Ages, and Near East Prehistory-Palaeolithic through Neolithic. (Course fulfills department area requirement.) (4.0/Lecture)


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