Consensus Building for a Consumer Operated Service Program in East Hartford, CT


Project Goals


Mary Ellen Copeland, consultant

Brian McCorkle, Evaluation Director

presentation: How Do We Promote The 'Action' in Community Action Grant?


Brian McCorkle, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Specific project duties:

  1. Engage the Steering Committee in a Participatory Action Research approach to develop assessment instruments.
  2. Participate in and help facilitate the consensus building process.
  3. Analyze the consensus-building processes in the steering committee and among stake as a participant observer.
  4. Determine the success of the consensus-building process through a formative evaluation at regular intervals.
  5. Enable data-based mid-course corrections by the Steering Committee through regular written and oral reports on the consensus-building process.
  6. Coordinate outside review of the implementation plan.
  7. Summarize results of the outside review of the proposed implementation plan for the presentation to the Steering Committee.
  8. Prepare final evaluation report on the consensus building process.
  9. Assist in writing the final project report to CMHS.
  10. Assist in writing a proposal to present the findings at a national conference.
  11. As lead author, take responsibility for preparation and submission of an article to professional journals.
  12. Solicit assistance as appropriate from professionals and consumer experts affiliated with the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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