Consensus Building for a Consumer Operated Service Program in East Hartford, CT


Project Goals


Mary Ellen Copeland, consultant

Brian McCorkle, Evaluation Director

presentation: How Do We Promote The 'Action' in Community Action Grant?


When mental health consumers learned of the availability of federal funds that could be used to develop consensus within their local
community for a recovery based participant-operated program, it was Inter-Community Mental Health Group's (ICMHG) reputation as
a leader in mental health services that brought them to approach ICMHG to collaborate in the application, consensus building process and the development of this new program, "helping us help ourselves". A natural next step.

ICMHG originated in 1976 as a group of families who gathered together for mutual support and the exchange of information on mental health issues. The principle of "people helping people" which drew these families together is still at the heart of all of ICMHG
endeavors and explains why community is such an important part of their name.

From families working together, in 25 years ICMHG has evolved into a private, non-profit community mental health center licensed by
the State of CT and accredited by JCAHO, the agency provides a cost efficient continuum of adult mental health and substance abuse services.

Demonstration projects across the country have shown the value that a participant-operated program can add to community mental
health services and for this reason ICMHG has embraced the application for these available funds and the opportunity to increase their partnership with mental health consumers. Taking this natural step and bringing once again to the community increased opportunities for recovery and wellness.


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