Consensus Building for a Consumer Operated Service Program in East Hartford, CT


Project Goals


Mary Ellen Copeland, consultant

Brian McCorkle, Evaluation Director

presentation: How Do We Promote The 'Action' in Community Action Grant?


It is believed that this program can provide a self-directed safety net for those maintaining recovery and reduce the occurrence of acute setbacks.

The foundation for this program will be the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). Mary Ellen Copeland, MA, MS, has developed
this program. Her work is based on her intensive nationwide studies of thousands of people who experience psychiatric and physical problems and on her own personal struggle with manic depression and physical illness rising from total incapacitation to enjoying a rich and rewarding life. This is an exemplary program that is successfully used in at least 10 other states in a wide variety of communities and settings.

The goals of this program are:

To encourage hope as individuals work together to promote wellness, stability and increased quality of life for participants.

To promote recovery for participants through increased self-direction.

To maintain recovery of participants through involvement in a consumer-operated program.

To work in partnership with consumers, family members, and professionals.

To provide training for the Wellness Recovery Action Program (WRAP).

To share recovery skills to increase recovery between peers.

To increase community interaction and involvement.

To reduce stigma regarding mental illness in the community through positive community relations.


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