Matt Young



I am interested in space weather and the Sun-Earth system. With Professor Meers Oppenheim, I am working to develop a fully-kinetic plasma model of heating in the solar chromosphere, based on well-established models of plasma in the Earth’s ionosphere.

My research aims to advance the current understanding of how energy is transferred through the solar atmosphere, but it has implications for terrestrial plasma physics, space weather, and stellar models.

Before coming to Boston University, I studied Physics at the University of New Hampshire. Before that, I worked as a line cook and a special educator. Before that, I studied Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire. Before that, ... Well, you’ll have to ask my parents for the photo albums.

The Basics

On paper, I’m a grad student at Boston University. In real life, I study math and physics, write and play music, read Dickens and the news, and sleep when I can.