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Conference Proceedings & Abstracts


  • Levy, J., Fountain, A., Dickson, J., Head, J.W., Okal, M., Marchant, D.R., Watters, J. 2013 Accelerated thermokarst formation in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. American Geophysical Union, AGU C33A-0694. San Francisco, December, 2013.
  • Head, J.W. and Marchant, D.R. 2013 Antarctic Dry Valley Streams and Lakes: Analogs for Noachian Mars? European Geophysical Union, EGU2013-10447. April 9, 2013.
  • *Mackay, S.L. and Marchant, D.R. 2013. Ground penetrating radar use on the oldest reported glacier ice in the world: uncovering manifestations of orbital variations during the last 400,000 yrs preserved within debris-covered glaciers of the Quartermain Mountains, Antarctica. Geological Society of America, no. 214272, 48th annual meeting. March 21, 2013.
  • Head J.W. and Marchant, D.R. 2013 Antarctic Dry Valleys: Analogs for Noachian Mars? Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston TX March, 2013.[1583]
  • *Hayden, A.T., Hess, S., Marchant, D.R., Gopal, S. Models of middle school partnership with Antarctic field geomorphologists. International Conference on Teacher-Scientist Partnerships, February 2013.

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