Antarctic Research Group

David R. Marchant

David R. Marchant

Earth & Environment

Educational Background

PhD, University of Edinburgh, UK, 1994

MS, University of Maine, 1990

BS, Tufts University, 1984

Current Research

David Marchant’s interests are captured under the broad umbrella of surface processes. Recent projects have focused on mapping and modeling landform evolution within dynamic and rapidly changing landscapes, including those in glaciated and periglacial regions. Dave’s research combines field-based studies in sedimentology and geomorphology, buttressed by chronological control from cosmogenic-nuclide analyses, Ar/Ar analyses, and numerical process models, to determine the style and rate of landscape change in a variety of tectonic and climate settings. Ongoing projects explore buried ice in Antarctica as an analog for buried ice on Mars, and as an archive for long-term climate change on Earth; the sedimentology of wet- and cold-based glacial deposits in the Transantarctic Mountains; the mid-Miocene climate optimum/transition in Antarctica and its role on sea-level and global climate change; and, the evolution and demise of tundra from continental Antarctica. Graduate students conduct extensive fieldwork in Antarctica.