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Dr. David Marchant leads the Antarctic Research Group at Boston University.  Along with graduate and undergraduate students, David travels to Antarctica as part of his NSF and NASA-funded research. 

Ongoing research themes focus on studying buried ice as an archive of paleoclimate change in Antarctica (learn more), on using Antarctic features as analogs for landscapes and climate change on Mars (learn more), on deciphering the late Cenozoic vegetation history of the Transantarctic Mountains (learn more), on unraveling the origin of the polar East Antarctic Ice Sheet (learn more), on utilizing tephrachronology to date ancient land surface (learn more), and on using cosmogenic-nuclide analyses, soil-salt geochemistry, and numerical modeling to quantify landscape evolution and periglacial processes in polar deserts (learn more).

Education and outreach are also a focus for the group. Check out our field blog, our development of DIAL for outreach, and the Virtual DESERTS site from our PolarTREC collaboration.

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