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I earned a bachelors in computer engineering and worked in industry for a few years. I went back to earn another Bachelors in physics and mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston where I graduated summa cum laude. My thesis is titled 'Modeling the Martian Ionopshere' and includes cool things you can learn about plasma composition, energetics and dynamics using 1- and 2-D modeling. This work earned me a Fred L. Scarf Award at the American Geophysical Union's Space Physics and Aeronomy Section. I am currently a Research Scientist at Boston University, and a member of the MAVEN IUVS team. I analyze high resolution emission spectra looking for signatures of Deuterium and Hydrogen. This helps to better determine water loss at Mars. I also analyze data from other orbiting spacecraft at Mars to explore anomalies and try to explain what triggers them using models and plausible physical mechanisms.

I enjoy mentoring at the high school, undergraduate and graduate level. I also get a kick out of getting involved in education and public outreach events. One of the highlights of my graduate career was to participate in the first Lebanese Astrophysics Conference in 2009. Another highlight was to participate in the first suborbital training course offered to scientists in 2010 by NASTAR.