Maria E. Abate, Ph.D.

Boston University


Maria Abate is an Assistant Professor of Natural Science at Boston University’s where she teaches introductory courses on the evolution of life and ecology and where she mentors interdisciplinary studies and independent research.  As Affiliated Faculty of the Boston University Marine Program and the Biology Department, she conducts research on cichlid fishes with a group of undergraduates in the Team Cichlid Research Program.  Dr. Abate’s  research concerns the biology, ecology and evolution of fish reproduction and offspring development.



Maria received her B.A. in Zoology from the University of California, Davis where she began conducting research as an undergraduate intern on studies concerning several terrestrial organisms including raptors, monkeys and black bears.  A native Rhode Islander, her love of the ocean brought her back east to obtain a Ph.D. in Biology from Northeastern University where she began her studies on fish reproduction and marine ecology. She has also taught ichthyology, marine biology, and a number of different ecology courses at other marine institutions and liberal arts colleges. 



At Boston University Professor Abate has served on the Faculty Council,  Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee, and the Northeast Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate.  In the summer of 2008 she hosted the Ecology and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes Conference at Boston University.  Scientists from 17 countries from around the world presented the latest research on fish behavior, ecology, evolution and conservation at this five-day EEEF conference.  Dr. Abate is the Guest Editor of the EEEF Proceedings which will be published in a special issue of Current Zoology.



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