EC387 Introduction to Health Economics

Albert Ma; Room 557, 270 Bay State Road;
Office hours: Thursday 11-12:30pm; Friday 2-3:30pm

Teaching Assistant: Sara Machado, Room B23, 264 Bay State Road;
Office hours: Monday 10:30-12:00pm; Tuesday 5-6:30pm

Course Outline: EC387.pdf

Midterm: Wednesday October 30; on materials covered till October 21

Slides and supplementary materials:

Midterm Solution

Prep-Question for Extra Class



Assignment 3 Solution

Assignment 3: due October 23

Physician and Incentives by McGuire

Paper by Einav and Finkelstein

Quiz 1 Solution

Notes on Adverse Selection

Quiz 1-prep Solution

Quiz 1-prep

Assignment 2 Solution

Assignment 2: due October 10

Notes on Moral Hazard

Assignment 1 Solution

Assignment 1: due September 25

Notes on Risks and Insurance

Chapter 3

Chapter 2
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