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Ph.D., London School of Economics (1988)
Professor of Economics

Research interests: Incentives, Industrial Organization, Health Economics

CV: Curriculum Vitae (with presentation information)

Published Papers in PDF files: papers

The famous hawks at the Economics Department (some years ago)

A number-slot game

Spring 2018 Classes:

EC581 (MA Health Economics)

EC781 (PhD Health)

Other papers:

“Incentives in Health Care Payment Systems,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, forthcoming (with Henry Mak)

“Uterus at a Price: Disability Insurance and Hysterectomy,” June 2018

“Incentives of Motivated Experts in a Partnership,” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2018 (with Ting Liu and Henry Mak)

“Product Differentiation with Multiple Qualities,” November 2017

“Quality and Competition between Public and Private Firms," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization Vol 140, 336-353, 2017 (with Liisa Laine)

“Information Acquisition, Referral, and Organization,” Rand Journal of Economics Vol 47, 935-960, 2016 (with Simona Grassi)

“Information Disclosure and the Equivalence of Prospective Payment and Cost Reimbursement,” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization Vol 117, 439-452, 2015 (with Henry Mak)

“Competition, Gatekeeping, and Health Care Access,” Journal of Health Economics Vol 39, 159-170, 2015 (with Geir Godager and Tor Iversen)

“Public Report, Price, and Quality,” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy Vol 23, 443-464, 2014 (with Henry Mak)

“Health Insurance, Treatment Plan, and Delegation to Altruistic Physician,” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization Vol 85, 79-96, 2013 (with Ting Liu)  

"Immigrants' Acculturation and Changes in Body Mass Index," Economics and Human Biology Vol 11, Isssue 1, 1-7, 2013 (with Tor Iversen and Haakon Meyer)

"Experience Benefits and Firm Organization," BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy Vol 12, Issue 1, 2012 (Contribution) (with Ingela Alger and Regis Renault)

"Public Sector Rationing and Private Sector Selection," Journal of Public Economic Theory Vol. 14, 1-34, 2012 (with Simona Grassi)

"Optimal Public Rationing and Price Response," Journal of Health Economics Vol. 30, 1197-1206, 2011 (with Simona Grassi)

"Market Conditions and General Practitioners' Referrals," International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, Vol. 11, 245-265, 2011 (with Tor Iversen)

“Optimal Health Care Contracts under Physician Agency,” Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, Number 101/102, January/June, 229-256, 2011 (with Philippe Chone)

“Health Insurance, Cost Expectations, and Adverse Job Turnovers,” Health Economics, Vol. 20, 27-44, 2011 (with Randall P. Ellis)

“Subsidy Design: Wealth versus Benefit,” Journal of Economics, Vol. 101, 49-72, 2010 (with Simona Grassi)

“Progress and Compliance in Alcohol Abuse Treatment,” Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 29, 213-225, 2010 (with Hsien-ming Lien, Mingshan Lu, and Thomas G. McGuire).

Lectures and an "interview":

"Dialogs around model and uncertainty" an interview
An edited interview to be published...

"Health Economics in the Small, Medium and Large"
A lecture at the 9th European Health Economics Workshop in Bergen, May 2008

"Beautiful Mind"
A lecture to graduate students of the joint Economics Ph.D. program of the Department of Economics,
University of Bergen, and the Norwegian School of Economics, August 2007