Evgeny Lyandres

Evgeny Lyandres
Boston University School of Management

595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone:       (617) 358-2279
Fax:         (617) 353-6667
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Associate Professor of Finance, School of Management, Boston University, 2012 - present (on leave 2012-2013)

Associate Professor of Finance, Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center, 2012-2013

Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Management, Boston University, 2008 - 2012

Assistant Professor of Finance, Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University, 2004 – 2008



1) Capital Structure and Interaction among Firms in Output Markets – Theory and Evidence

    Journal of Business 79 (5), September 2006

2) The Size of Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund Portfolios (with Gennaro Bernile and Douglas Cumming)

    Journal of Corporate Finance 13 (4), September 2007

3) Strategic Cost of Diversification

    Review of Financial Studies 20 (6), November 2007

4) Costly External Financing, Investment Timing, and Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity

    Journal of Corporate Finance 13 (5), December 2007

5) The New Issues Puzzle: Testing the Investment-Based Explanation (with Le Sun and Lu Zhang)

    Review of Financial Studies 21 (6), November 2008

6) Target Leverage and the Costs of Issuing Seasoned Equity

     Finance Research Letters 7 (1), February 2010

7) Accelerated Investment Effect of Risky Debt (with Alexei Zhdanov)

     Journal of Banking and Finance 34 (11), November 2010

8) Strategic IPOs and Product Market Competition (with Jiri Chod)      

     Journal of Financial Economics 100 (1), April 2011

9) Understanding Investor Sentiment: The Case of Soccer (with Gennaro Bernile)

     Financial Management 40 (2), July 2011

10) A Theory of Merger-Driven IPOs (with Alexei Zhdanov and Jim Hsieh)

     Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 46 (5), October 2011

11) A Theory of Strategic Mergers (with Gennaro Bernile and Alexei Zhdanov)

     Review of Finance 16 (2), April 2012

12) Real Options, Volatility, and Stock Returns (with Gustavo Grullon and Alexei Zhdanov)    

    Journal of Finance 67 (4), August 2012

13) Investment Opportunities and Bankruptcy Prediction (with Alexei Zhdanov)

          Journal of Financial Markets, forthcoming

14) Convertible Debt and Investment Timing (with Alexei Zhdanov)

          Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming


15) Product Market Competition and Equity Returns (with Masa Watanabe)

16) Investment and Operating Strategies of Public and Private Firms: Theory and Evidence (with Maria Marchica, Roni Michaely, and Roberto Mura)  

17) The Effects of Synergies on Competitors, Customers, and Suppliers in Horizontal Mergers (with Gennaro Bernile)

18) R&D Competition and Cash Holdings: Theory and Evidence (with Dino Palazzo)


19) Operating Underperformance  Following Issues: Rational Expalation and Relation to Long-run Stock Performance (with Sabatino Silveri)

20) A Theory of Primary and Secondary Issues (with Jiri Chod)

21) Competition among Underwriters and IPO Pricing (with Fangjian Fu and Erica Li)



22) Analysis of Pricing Schemes in the Cellular Telephone Industry

     Revision requested from Information Economics and Policy



  Seminar in Capital Markets (Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary Center, Fall 2012)

  Foundations of Finance (Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary Center, Fall 2012)
  Financial Management (MBA, Boston University), Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2011. Syllabus:

  Corporate Financial Management (Undergraduate, School of Management, Boston University), Spring 2009, Fall 2009. Syllabus:

  Corporate Finance (MBA, Rice University), Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Spring 2007, Spring 2008. Syllabus:

  Advanced Corporate Finance (MBA, University of Rochester), Fall 2003.Syllabus:


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