Publications: Louis J. Toth

Using fMRI to visualize neural activity
  • Toth LJ, Ronen I, Kim SG, Ugurbil K, Kim DS (2002) Neural correlate of CBF-based functional MRI   ISMRM meeting 
  • Ronen I, Toth LJ, Ugurbil K, Kim DS (2002) Investigating the Point Spread Function of BOLD and CBF fMRI in the Cat Visual Cortex  ISMRM meeting 
  • Toth LJ, Ronen I, Olman C, Ugurbil K, Kim DS  (2001)  Spatial correlation of BOLD activity with neuronal responses.  Soc. Neurosci. Abstr.  27: (783.1) 
 Imaging of intrinsic signals in visual cortex
  • Somers DC, Todorov EV, Siapas AG, Toth LJ, Kim DS, Sur M (1998)  A local circuit approach to understanding integration of long-range inputs in primary visual cortex.  Cer. Ctx.  8:204-217. 
  • Toth LJ, Kim DS, Rao SC, Sur M (1997)  Integration of local inputs in visual cortex.  Cer. Ctx.  7:703-710. 
  • Rao SC, Toth LJ, Sur M (1997)  Optical maps of orientation preference in primary visual cortex of cats and ferrets:  organizing principles and rules of representation.  J. Comp. Neurol.  387:358-370.
  • Toth, LJ, Rao, SC, Kim, DS Somers, DC. Sur, M. (1996) Subthreshold facilitation and suppression in primary visual cortex revealed by intrinsic signal imaging.  Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA  93:9869-9874.
Representation of information in single cortical neurons
  • Williams ZM, Elfar JC, Eskandar EN, Toth LJ, Assad JA (2003) Parietal activity and the perceived direction of ambiguous apparent motion  Nat. Neurosci. 6:616-623.
  • Toth, LJ, Assad JA  (2001)  Dynamic coding of behaviorally relevant stimuli in parietal cortex   Nature 415:165-8. 
  • Nelson, S, Toth, L Sheth, B, Sur, M (1994) Orientation selectivity of cortical neurons during intracellular blockade of inhibition.  Science 265:774-7. . 
  • Toth, LJ,  Nelson, SB, Rao, SC and Sur, M (1993) Synaptic potentials in visual cortical neurons : temporal variability and spatial structure. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 19:1576. 
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