Diving in the Carribbean

The reefs are amazingly untouched, with brain corals and huge staghorn coral; wonderful funnel coral, big purple fans. That weekend we saw tarpon, sharks, lobsters, snapper, puffer fish, grouper, conch: all large and friendly, along with very large parrotfish and swarms of big angels.

The highlight of the trip were the dolphins! There were about 10 baby dolphins (about 3 feet long) out without Mama. This is very unusual. They were playing and jumping around the boat putting on quite a show. They came right up to the boat. About 1 foot under the surface they were standing on their tails and looking up to us expectantly. As if to say "Come in and play!" We did not get into the water so as not to scare them away. They found a coconut floating in the water and started passing it back and forth between them. Just like at Sea World, only spontaneous- just because they wanted to play. After about 45 minutes they decided that they did not like the bread we had and they swam away. That episode was pure magic.