New Media and the Government Research Project

My name is Elizabeth Crocker and I am a graduate research assistant for Professor James E. Katz at Boston University's new department of Emerging Media Studies. We are working on a non-partisan project researching how new media (internet, cell phones, social media sites) are important new ways that the government can inform and mobilize the public as well as a format for the public to inform and mobilize the government. To this end, we are examining the ways that President Obama's team conptualized, utilized, and engaged with social media during his campaigns and subsequent administrations.

We are looking for individuals who were involved in these social media projects during the campaigns and administration. If you are interested in participating in our research project, please contact me at or use the form below to set up a time for a phone interview. You can also email me to request more information about this project before agreeing to participate. You can be as anonymous as you desire for the purposes of the publication and are free to decline to answer any questions I put forth. We would appreciate any comments you have regardless of how abbreviated they may be.


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