Lorena Barba



I have been teaching at Boston University’s Mechanical Engineering Department since Spring 2009. Previously, I taught for four years in the Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK. I have developed half a dozen courses and taught at every level, particularly freshmen, juniors and graduate students.

I have been engaged in educational innovation for several years and dedicate consistent effort to develop my effectiveness as a teacher, with a scholarly approach that includes inquiry into teaching theory and practices and disseminating results from my experiences.

Teaching TEchnology

I have a solid track record of innovation using technology to support learning. In Spring 2007, I ran my first pilot to produce lecture screencasts (video of in-class projected materials and audio), and I have perfected my methods over the years. 

Currently, I use a Wacom graphic tablet to annotate slides prepared on Keynote with a lot of whitespace.  This way, the presentation is more interactive (than static slides), and allows for a comfortable pace so students can take notes.  Then, I record the screen of my computer during lectures, using a screencasting software app.  The resulting video has my voice and the synchronized annotations appearing on the slides as I speak.  Finally, I distribute these videos using the the iTunes U service and You Tube.

Read more about this:

  1. Digital inking and lecture screencasts”, L A Barba, 1st Annual Instructional Innovation Conference, Boston University, March 27, 2009.

Open courseware

My courses on iTunes U:

  1. ENG ME 702 – Computational Fluid Dynamics (link opens iTunes) (Spring 2010)

  2. ENG ME 303 - Fluid Mechanics (Fall 2010)

  3. EK 131/132 - Bio-Aerial Locomotion (Fall 2011)


On January 2008, I received the “Rising Star” teaching award at the Univesity of Bristol.  The award is aimed at junior faculty members (less than 5 years of experience) and it recognizes the quality of reflection, analysis and practice in the individual’s teaching.


I completed the University of Bristol’s Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Program in 2007.  One of the four modules of this program consists in the preparation of a Teaching Portfolio, which is presented on my Bristol website.

Video Samples

Apps & gadgets