Where To Register, Etc.

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The conference will take place on the Riverside Campus of Boston University. The papers will be given at three locations:

Registration : You may pick up your conference materials or register (if you have not done so already) on Tuesday, August 7 from 1:00 to 4:30 in the Castle. It will also be possible to register in the Castle during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

These buildings are very close to each other: an easy five-minute walk from the Photonics Building to the School of Theology and from the Theology Building to the Castle. It's about eight minutes from the Photonics Building to the Castle.

There are two T-Stops that are convenient for the Hume Conference:

If you take the "T" to register, exit at the the Boston University East stop. (It's a little closer to the Castle.) For all other events, take the Boston University Central Stop. It's right across from here (and the large structure you see on the right is the Photonics Bulding):


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