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Text Box: Professor Chan teaches courses in genomics and public health at Boston University (BU). These two courses, SAR HS320 "Genomics in Public Health" and SAR HS470 "Topics in Public Health" are newly designed by Professor Chan.  Syllabi can be requested, please contact keechan@bu.edu. 
*Other topics previously taught by Dr. Chan includes: 

        - Genomics in Public Health (BU)                                                - Topics in Public Health (BU)
        - Introduction to Microbial Diseases*                                          - Biochemistry *
        - Immunology for Epidemiologist*                                                - Molecular Biology*





Text Box: SAR HS470:  Topics in Public Health 
This course addresses emerging issues in the field of public health through interactive case study and the medical literature. The format is small group discussion. Prereq: SAR HS300, health science major, senior standing or consent of instructor.

Topics vary each semester, but include:
   - Global Health in China
   - Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C infections)
   - Maternal and child health (autism, neonatal screening, vaccinations)
   - Chronic Diseases (obesity, mental illness, cancer)
   - Cancer Screening Policy
   - Health Care Reform 










Text Box: SAR HS320:  Genomics in Public Health
This course focuses on the impact of genomics, behavioral, social, and environmental factors on population health and diseases.  Class discussion and readings will draw concepts from genetics, molecular biology, epidemiology, and policy. Prereq: biology course and epidemiology course.

Topics will include: 
  -Human Genome Project                      -Nutrigenomics                                 - Human Microbiome Project
  -Genetic Testing                                    -Pharmacogenomics                       - Chronic Diseases
  -Genetic Epidemiology                         -Stem Cell Therapy                          - Health Policy






Text Box: Spring Semester 2011. Professor Chan and students from HS470, attending the RACE exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston.  
Text Box: Text Box: Spring Semester 2009. Class Photo of SAR HS320 Genomics in Public Health.
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