Research Links:

Boston University Dept. of Earth and Environment This is my current department. Here you can learn all about the cool research we do!
Penn State Dept. of Crop and Soil Science This was my department during my MS work.
University of Colorado-Boulder Dept. of Geological Science This was my undergraduate department.
Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences, Inc. From their website: CUAHSI enables the university water science community to advance understanding of the central role of water to life, Earth, and society.
National Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) programs I conducted my MS research at the Shale Hills CZO in Pennsylvania, and a portion of my PhD research is based at the Luquillo CZO in Puerto Rico.

Professional Organizations I belong to:

American Geophysical Union
Geological Society of America
Soil Science Socity of America

Other Links:

R Statistical Software This is the primary computer program I use to analyze data and produce graphics.
Ubuntu This is the OS I've been using for 3+ years now. I still use Windows on occasion :)

Personal Links:

Chit Chat R This is a website I maintain that providing tips, tricks and scripts related to the R programming language. It focuses primarily on producing publication quality graphics. I try and update it as often as my schedule permits.