MET CS 667 C1 -- Enterprise Java

(Main Campus, Wednesday, 6:00 - 9:00 PM)


Suresh Kalathur, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Dept.
Boston Univeristy Metropolitan College
808 Commonwealth Ave, Room 250
Boston, MA 02215
E-mail URL Phone Fax 617-358-0006 617-353-2367

Course Description

The course begins with an overview of advanced Java concepts like databases, networking, and remote method invocation (RMI). The J2EE architecture is explored starting with the presentation layer which includes the servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP). The Struts application framework is presented as a case study. The business layer is covered extensively involving the enterprise java beans (EJB). Advanced concepts like Java Messaging Service and Java Server Faces will be briefly covered.

The course grading will consist of a series of programming problems (40%), a mid term exam (20%), and a final programming project and presentation (40%). For the course work, we will use JBoss application server and Eclipse. Students will also be able to do hands-on programming examples in the lab during some of the lectures. The website ( will provide the required help for software and programming examples.

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