MET CS 565 W3 - Final Project - Due  Wed April 30, 2003 (6:00 PM)

   The Brokerage problem given in the Mid term exam will be the basis for the Final project. The project will be to build a GUI application for the "METBroker" brokerage firm. The GUI should be able to add/edit customers. When a customer is selected, the relevant information about that customer should be displayed, for example, name, ID, current balance, and the date account was opened. The application should be able to accomplish the following actions for the customer:

For the Brokerage itself, the GUI should be able to perform the following:

For Dates, we will use integers with the value 1 signifying the establishment of the Brokerage firm.

Now consider a database with the following tables and the corresponding fields:  (I will provide an Access database with initial data)

The initial data can also be loaded from the database, using the File->Load From Database menu. We will prompt the user for DSN and assume that we will be using the JDBC-ODBC bridge. When a new customer is added,  a new row should be inserted into the Accounts table. When a new transaction is entered, a new row should be entered into the Transactions table. The stock quote for buying and selling should be retrieved from the StockQuotes table. The value of a stock at the end of any day should be retrieved from the StockHistory table. You should also write the functionality for saving all data back to the database invoked through the File->Save to Database menu. The data in Accounts and Transactions table should be cleared and the current data should be written into those tables.

The Java code should be organized as follows: