MET CS 701 -- Rich Internet Application Development


Suresh Kalathur, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Dept.
Boston Univeristy Metropolitan College
808 Commonwealth Ave, Room 250
Boston, MA 02215

Phone: 617-358-0006
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Course Description

The Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development course concentrates primarily on building rich client web applications in the browser for desktop and mobile devices. The course is divided into various modules covering in depth the following technologies: HTML5, jQuery UI & Mobile, and AngularJS. Along with the fundamentals underlying these technologies, several applications will be showcased as case studies. Students work with these technologies starting with simple applications and then examining real world complex applications. At the end of this course, students would have mastered the latest  and widely used RIA methodologies.

Course Prerequisites

CS520 (Information Structures) and CS601(Web Application Development) (or equivalent)

Course Grading Policy

The course grade will be based on active class participation and discussions (10%), programming assignments (30%), in-class final exam (30%), and a term project (30%). Assignments are expected to be submitted by their respective due dates. Late submissions carry a penalty.

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Student Conduct Code

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Tentative Course Schedule

Module 1 (HTML5, Part1)
-- Overview of HTML5
-- Canvas and Scalable Vector Graphics
-- Audio and Video
-- Forms
-- Drag and Drop
Module 2 (HTML5, Part2)
-- Geolocation
-- Web Sockets
-- Web Workers
-- Web Storage
-- Offline Web Applications
Module 3 (jQuery UI)
-- jQuery Review
-- Controls
-- Drag and Drop
Module 4 (jQuery Mobile)
-- Navigation
-- Form Elements and Lists
-- Views
-- Server Integration Techniques
Module 5 (AngularJS, Part1)
-- Model-View-Controller pattern
-- Data Binding
-- Creating Views
-- Defining Controllers
-- Building Models
Module 6 (AngularJS, Part2)
-- Templates
-- Modules, Directives
-- Server Integration
Project Presentations
Final Exam