MET CS 575  -- Operating Systems -- Summer I, 2008
(Mon, Wed 6:00 - 9:30 PM,  Main Campus)


Suresh Kalathur, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Boston University Metropolitan College
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Course Overview

The course starts with an overview of operating system characteristics, design objectives, and structures. Topics include concurrent processes, coordination of asynchronous events, file systems, resource sharing, memory management, scheduling, and deadlock problems. Operating system protection and security topics are also covered. Two modern operating systems case studies will be extensively studied.

Text books & Resources

Course Schedule (Tentative)

Week Day Topics Notes
1 May 21 (Wed) Introduction, Computer-System Structures, Operating-System Structures  
2 May 28 (Wed) Process Management (Processes, Threads, CPU Scheduling)
May 30 (Fri) Process Management (Synchronization, Deadlocks)  
3 Jun 2 (Mon) Storage Management (Memory Management, Virtual memory)
Jun 4 (Wed) File Systems  
4 Jun 9 (Mon) Mid Term
Jun 11 (Wed) I/O systems  
5 Jun 16 (Mon) Distributed Systems
Jun 18 (Wed) Protection and Security
6 Jun 23 (Mon) Case Studies
Jun 25 (Wed) Final Exam

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Course Grading

The actual grade will be determined based on the performance in the home works, mid term, and the final exam. The percentage of each component relative to the total grade is: Homeworks (40%), Mid Term (30%), and Final Exam (30%)