Kehinde F. Ajayi

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Working Paper
  • School Choice and Educational Mobility: Lessons from Secondary School Applications in Ghana
    October 2016.
    Earlier version, IED Working Paper 259. [PDF]

  • Student Performance and the Effects of School Quality versus School Fit
    October 2016.
    Earlier version, IED Working Paper 260. [PDF]
    Earlier title: "Does School Quality Improve Student Performance? New Evidence from Ghana"

  • Consumer Perceptions and Saving Behavior
    August 2016.

  • Imperfect Information and School Choice in Ghana (with Henry Telli)
    February 2013, IGC Working Paper. [PDF]

Journal Article
  • Gender Parity and Schooling Choices (with Marric Buessing)
    May 2015, Journal of Development Studies, 51(5): 503-522. [PDF] [Data] [Article]

Book Chapter
  • The Adoption of the Common External Tariff in Nigeria (with Philip Osafo-Kwaako)
    In D. Tussie, ed., The Politics of Trade: The Role of Research in Trade Policy and Negotiation
    Dordrecht, Leiden, Boston: Republic of Letters Publishing, pp. 121-149, 2009.

In Progress
  • An Empirical Analysis of School Choice Under Uncertainty (with Modibo Sidibe)

  • The Effects of Free Primary Education on Financial Capability in Kenya (with Phillip Ross)

  • Guidance and Information for Improved Decisions in Education (with Adrienne Lucas and Willa Friedman)
    AEA RCT Registry [Link]

  • National Service and Beyond: A Panel Study of Tertiary Graduates in Ghana
    Project Summary [Link]
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