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Peer reviewed Articles:


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Annotation: This work was initiated and completed by myself. The discovery of a novel type of cellular editing process sets a foundation for my independent research.

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Annotation: This work was initiated and completed by myself. It sets the direction of my future study on the biological function of RNA editing in immune system.

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Annotation: This work is generated from a collaborative study. I am the initiative and the designer of this project. It was performed by postdoc fellow Dr. Li under my guidance. I was heavily involved in data interpretation and manuscript preparation.

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Annotation: I am the initiative and original designer of this project, completed manuscript writing, submission and rebuttal.  I am the co-corresponding author of this paper,

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Annotation: As the first and corresponding author, I am the initiative and original designer of this project, performed some of the experiments, completed manuscript writing and submission, and rebuttal.  

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Annotation: As the first and corresponding author, I performed some of the experiments and guided the completion of this project. 

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Annotation: This paper is accepted but held for publication due to a patent application process.  I am the corresponding author of this paper.

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Book Chapter: 

in "Practical Protocols In Molecular Biology", Jing-Hua Yang, RNA Synthesis and Processing, (1996). Science Press & Science Press New Yok, Ltd., New York, U.S.A.



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